Hello all, its me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i really can't wait for summer.

if you've been wondering where i was, which you probably weren't, i forgot my password again.

i'm a bit of a vacant block.

all these photos remind me of summer, which i can't wait for. is that sad that i can't wait for summer, but we haven't even started winter? i'm setting myself up to be dissapointed.

if i could bottle up the sea breeze, i would take it over to your house and pour it loose through your garden, so the hinges on your windows would rust and colour like the boats pulled up on the sand for the summer and your sweet clean clothes would go stiff from the line and there'd be sand in your pockets and nothing on your mind.

.ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh.

i wan't to live like we lived in the summer.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Before Tuesday the 23rd of March, when someone would ask me what I thought of Lady GaGa, I would promptly reply with "SHE A CRAZY BITCH!" But my eyes have been opened to the genius that is GaGa.

I had never listened to her songs before that morning, and that night, I sat dumbstruck, literally not moving like a stunned mullet.


ZOMG, she is fantastic. Although I have to admit, when she ate a (fake) heart in one of the overhead clips I closed my eyes, because I'm deathly afraid of gore, I was utterly enthralled by her, the props, the music, the dancers and the costumes. Here are some of my shots:

lease, please don't penalize me for my horrible (lack of)skill at putting up photos, it was my first time (;))


Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's time to actually write a post. Sorry to my current nonexistant followers. I lost my password.. but I found it! JOY.

am here to write about things which I find interesting or awesome, or just plain spastic.

Right now, I'm at Mt.Buller, Victoria, Australia. It's been an overall good weekend. I just spent 3 and a half hours on the same chair, doing my SAC revision, for my senior subjects in my junior year. No breaks. I know, I'm crazy. Not only because I spent 3 and a half hours doing homework. But because I'm doing 2 senior subjects when the minimum requirement is 1.

Today I watched 'The Breakfast Club' (1985) for the first time. ITS AMAZING. I think I'm in love with that movie. No cereal. Then I decided to google what the characters look like now. Judd Nelson was so nice looking in the movie. But now, he looks like an old person who has an unlimited supply of hair gel:

Jesus Christ.

So now I bid you adieu! I have rack of lamb waiting for me.